When is the next programme in my area?
We cannot answer this question as it is down to the individual programme providers. We recommend you like our Facebook page to keep to date with new programmes and keep an eye on the site for updates. Normally programmes starting in January will be listed on the site in December. April programmes will be listed in March and September programmes will be listed in August.

Can you confirm that I am registered on a programme?
All you need to do is login to your account and on the dashboard page it will list the programmes you are registered for, if nothing is there you need to try registering again.

I want to cancel my place on a programme?
All you need to do is login to your account and on the dashboard page it will list the programmes you are registered for, then click the cancel button under the programme you signed up for.

I have a query about a programme?
Please direct all programme queries to the programme organiser listed on the programme page.

Do I need to register for every programme?
You only need to register an account on the site once, after that just login and click the 'Register now for this programme' button on the programme page to sign up. So for example if you attend a programme in the autumn, and want to go to another one in the spring just login with your account you do not need to register again.

I want to register a child or a friend?
We prefer it if people register their own accounts but if they do not have an email address you can register for them. Just login to your account and click the 'Enrol a child or a friend in a programme' button. You can register several people under your account.

I need to change something in my profile?
You can make all the changes yourself, please click here…

I can only attend 1 session a week not 2, can I still take part?
Yes. Obviously you will get better results attending all sessions but if you can only attend 1 that is ok.

Where to meet?
Each Group will meet at a different venue (see individual programme details).

What to bring?
You don't need to bring anything, although we advise bringing a bottle (non-glass) of water with you.

What to wear?
You will be moving about outside, so please wear clothes and footwear that you feel comfortable in and that area appropriate to the weather. All sessions will be held entirely outside.

How long will it last?
The first few sessions, may last less than an hour, probably closer to 45 mins.

Is it really for beginners?
Yes, we start very slowly and build it up. People start off and progress at different rates and we are happy to accommodate that. Some people will attempt the parkrun and/or join in local running club training sessions before Week 10.

What if I missed the first session? What if I miss some sessions?
Very few people will attend every session, and most of last year's graduates missed the the first day/week. The more you come the easier it will be and the more friends you'll meet. However you will still be very welcome at any session you come to and receive appropriate support. If you missed the first the first session or week please still come along as you can still easily complete the course in the time. 

Can I bring my child?
All children under 18 must be accompanied at all sessions by a parent or legal guardian, no exceptions. We would prefer people not to bring children under 12.

Anything else?
I'm sure you have many more questions, but the best way is to come down try it out for yourselves and meet with the coaches and previous programme participants. More information on the individual programmes can be found via Facebook, Twitter and the provider websites/social media channels.