Provider - Terms & Conditions

Use of the Active NI system by providers is bound by the following terms & conditions. These terms of use may be revised at any time, please periodically review them. 

(1) Providers are responsible for supplying up-to-date, and complete information on the course in good time; and regularly checking the Active NI website to make sure the information remains accurate and up-to-date.

(2) By inputting or uploading content, providers confirm that they have full copyright rights and/or appropriate permission to input or upload that content; and agree to any and all such content being used by Active NI for promotional and/or website development purposes. 

(3) Providers are responsible for delivering the course consistent with the times, dates and locations given; the Active NI charter, Athletics UK guidance and the limits of their insurance. In addition, providers agree to comply with all relevant legislation, including data protection.

(4) Providers are responsible for the safety of participants at all times during course sessions. Participant numbers can be capped through the Active NI course registration and management system; with the ability to message all course participants where required. In particular, coaches and leaders responsible for actual programme delivery will be UK Athletics qualified (i.e. Coach in Running Fitness (CIRF), Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF), Athletics Coach, or Coaching Assistant), and delivering sessions within the remit of their qualification; and that programme’s specific risk assessment.

(5) All course participants must register online. We strongly recommend you don’t register people via paper registration forms. If you agree to register course participants online you will be responsible for their complete registration, including individual password.

(6) Providers absolve Active NI and its owners from any and all liability resulting from the delivery or organisation of the individual course sessions.

(7) Providers confirm that were a course participant is under 18 and/or a vulnerable adult all coaches, leaders and volunteers helping deliver that programme will be Access NI checked and that the provider has all necessary child protection policies and safeguards in place to accommodate that course participant.

(8) T-shirt sizes are used as a guide only. Active NI are not responsible for ordering or distribution of individual course t-shirts, and will not sort, collect or manage individual course participant donations. Any fees charged, and all arrangements surrounding fee collection, are a matter solely for the course provider.

(9) Active NI reserve the right at any time and in our absolute discretion to reject, delete, remove or cancel - in part or in full:
(a) any course
(b) any provider
(c) any course or provider content (including but not limited to text, photos, messages, and URL links)

(10) Towards the final week and immediate week after the course completes, providers agree to encourage their course participants to complete an online course evaluation.