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If you wish to list your programmes on Active NI please fill out the form below. Registration is free. Please note we only accept people or organisations that have the relevant coaching qualifications from UK Athletics (Coach in Running Fitness (CIRF), Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF), Athletics Coach, or Coaching Assistant). If you are unsure that your qualifications are valid please contact us before you register.

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Active NI can provide groups with course administration, registration, marketing, messaging and evaluations; as well as identifying training, funding and collaboration opportunities. We will facilitate, coordinate and support groups throughout NI that give people the opportunity to get fit and enjoy walking/running; and agree to the charter below:

Active NI charter

All participating providers will:

  • Run programs suitable for beginners conducted in a friendly and welcoming environment
  • Promote their scheme under the Active NI brand and LOGO
  • Have appropriate UK Athletics qualifications to deliver their intended programme; and deliver that programme within the limits of their UKA qualification and participants’ ability range
  • Ensure that all venues and course contents are fully risk assessed (to comply with UKA insurance)
  • Open, encourage and promote the course to all regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnic origin, race, marital status, sexual orientation or disability
  • Ensure were children under 12 (and/or vulnerable adults) attend they are accompanied by a responsible parent/guardian
  • Ensure all programme participants are registered as soon as possible online; with names and numbers recorded weekly
  • Demonstrate a sustainable post-programme pathway
  • Be upfront about any fees due. Providers can charge participants as long as the amount is made clear before any participant signs up and the overall programme is run on a not for profit basis
  • Review and update the Active NI site and registration systems as appropriate
  • Comply with Active NI’s terms and conditions; and privacy policy

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